Construction Process

by William, April 1, 2015

The chosen contractor will be required to enter into a building contract with the client and the most commonly used contract in South Africa is the Joint Building Contracts Committee contract or JBCC contract.
The architect’s role in the construction process and this contract as the building progresses on site can broadly be defined in one of 2 ways:

Architect acting as principal agent:

Architect will administer the building contract and perform the duties of the principal agent as described in the JBCC contract.

The architect’s involvement is as a required by the client and contractor:

This can either be structured on an hourly rate, or an agreed amount of hours and site visits for a monthly retainer fee.

If the architect were principal agent then the architectural construction fee should equate to the remaining 37% of the entire architectural fee and divided into equal monthly payments over the duration of the build.

The final stage of the process is outlined in Completion and Occupation