Architectural Design Restrictions

by William, April 1, 2015

Obtaining all necessary site information prior to commencing with the sketch design is essential as this ensures that the architectural design will meet with any restrictions applied to the site area. This includes:

Zoning Certificate

This certificate identifies all the restrictions on a particular site.

Surveyor General Diagram (SG Diagram)

This indicates the site area, boundary lengths and any servitudes that exist on a particular property.

Site Survey

Most of the time it is necessary to get the site surveyed so that the municipal controls from the zoning certificate and SG Diagram can be accurately applied to the site in a digital format.

Title Deeds

This indicates the property owner’s name and gives the cadastral description and site area.

Review the architectural design code if applicable

Should the building be part of an estate it is critical that the architect fully understands the code prior to commencing with any design work.

It is critical that, when submitting to the municipality, the architectural design and documentation adheres to all the particulars on the zoning certificate, title deeds and SG Diagram. If there are any discrepancies the municipality will not accept the submission.

The next stage is to anticipate dates for when the concept design should be completed. Please see Architectural Design Concept.