Architectural Design Concept

by William, April 1, 2015

Here we work closely with you as the client to ensure the architectural design meets your desires and aspirations whilst at the same time meeting all necessary legal requirements and importantly remaining within your budge.

Design presentation drawings would include.

Design plans

Design sections


Area plans

Photo realistic renderings

This stage of the process includes the following steps and points:

Present the initial architectural design concept to the client

Refinement of architectural design.

The concept stage is often a process whereby the design is revised and refined until the client is completely happy with the proposed building.

Design reviewed against budget

It is also critical that the design is constantly reviewed against the client’s budget as there is no point in going all the way to municipal approval only to find that the project exceeds the budget and required revision.

Present the final architectural design to the client for approval.

Should the building form part of any residential, industrial or commercial estate it is mandatory that the architect get consent from that estates design review panel. Approval is often achieved over the course of 2 meetings (presenting the concept and re-presenting the concept attending to any referrals that the design review panel may have). On acceptance of the design by the design review panel an invoice for 15% of the agreed fee will be payable

Should the building not have to comply with a design code 30% of the agreed fee will be payable on approval of the design by the client.

The next stage of the process can be seen at Legal Documentation