Architectural Services

by William, April 1, 2015


Whether it be industrial, commercial or residential, the architectural fee structure and stages outlined in this section can be applied to all architectural services contracts in Durban and South Africa.

There are three primary ways that we here at Justin Bate Architecture structure our fees.

1: Architectural fee derived as a percentage of the build cost
2. Architectural rate per m² of drawn area
3. Architectural fee based on an hourly rate

At, Justin Bate Architecture, we prefer to base our fees on the first 2 options. Option 3 is generally only used for minor work. I.e. where the hours can be reasonably forecast at the onset.

Our stages and recommended fee guidelines are adapted from The Annual Update of the Professional Fees Guideline which is issued by the Council for the Architectural Profession and commonly referred to as SACAP.

Once a fee is agreed with the client the fee is divided up over the duration of the project as indicated within the outlined stages of implementation.